•Dry Eye Treatment•

Ask Dr. Economou about punctum plugs for your dry, watery eyes. Over tearing is often mistaken by patients. This over tearing can be a sign of dry eye syndrome. Although there is no true cure for dry eyes, Dr. Economou does utilize several forms of treatment. 



Glaucoma Described: 



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“ TGS has outsourced billing/Insurance, to a 3rd 

(Medicare video link below)


Party billing company, since 2017. 

 Medicare’s website provides several educational sources for patients & providers. 

2018 brings changes to the table, new policies and requirements. Particularly changes to those Providers with a sub-specialty Taxonomy code.” Dr. Economou.

March 15, 2018

Meet “Klara” our new message medical assistant. 

March 15, 2018

As a patient, you’ll be able to direct message with our staff. Klara offers more flexibility to you and our medical team. Simply text the message to the number provided, a message will pop up on our screen, and we will respond as quickly as we can. Klara transcribes your voice message into text and quickly sends to the appropriate Staff member. 

Byron McDonald of Dallas, Texas says: 

“I don’t mind the drive at all! My vision is priceless & Dr. Economou & staff are happy to answer all of my questions.  Just ask!” 

Byron McDonald


Retired Army, served 25 years.

Thank you for your service Mr. McDonald!

Kay Johnson, of Oklahoma City says: “This was the most thorough Glaucoma visit I’ve ever had. He didn’t just check my Glaucoma, but my cardiac status as well. Thank you Dr. Economou for catching my elevated blood pressure, possibly saving my life.” 


Kay Johnson


 R.N. Of 22 years

Ms. McDaniel of Richmond, VA says: 

“I’ve seen several Glaucoma Specialists or so I’d thought. I never knew what Fellowship Trained meant until I met you. Thank you for saving my eye site. Your The best!”. 

Ms. R. McDaniel


Retired School Teacher, 30 years.